Toshi Nakayama

I am probably unique among Martin’s clients, I am not a professional musician or even a “good” guitar player. I just like playing the guitar.

In fact, I had not played for a long, long time. The first time I handled and heard the sound produced by of one of Martin’s creations, I immediately fell in love with it. The clear and rich tones of that guitar awoke my long forgotten urge to play.

The guitar that Martin built for me is certainly a beautiful piece of art.

I do not possess the know how or vocabulary to do justice to its technical perfection or even begin to accurately describe its craftsmanship or the quality of sounds it produces.

What I do know and appreciate is how much work Martin puts into perfecting countless details while crafting an instrument. Each instrument is truly a beautiful piece of art to be treasured by his clients and anyone who has the opportunity to see and hear one.

A Martin Beck guitar is not simply a well-crafted instrument, it embodies a bit of history.

I was fortunate to talk to Martin at length about his work and creations. Each guitar he builds contains many stories. Each instruments is built with so much loving care -- love of fine materials, love of the work and love and respect for the player.

When one gets a Martin Beck guitar, one gets a personal connection with a generous and caring artist. Every time I play my guitar, I feel great joy. It is beautiful to hear, beautiful to look at and beautiful to touch. Most importantly, it reminds me of the story and love behind the sound.

Come and meet Martin, talk with him about guitar making.
Come play his guitars. You will see and hear what I mean.

Toshi Nakayama, Professor of Linguistics
Tokyo Japan

Martin Beck Guitars • 9348 Stirling Arm Drive, Sproat Lake, BC V9Y 9C9