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Beautiful Chocolate Mango back and sides with a 4A Bear Claw Engelmann Spruce top and Snake Wood binding combine to make a stunning Tenor Uke.

This is a stunning guitar with gorgeous Amazon Rosewood back and sides and beautiful Flamed Koa Binding.
A few years ago (after having tried my different models with different neck widths) a client ordered this guitar with a 1 3/4" nut width. After receiving the guitar and playing it for a while he found it just a little to narrow for some of the finger style stuff he was playing and was getting some string muting. He contacted me about a year ago about me selling the guitar for him and then building him a new one with a wider neck (even though he loves the sound, look and playability of this one). In the meantime he took the guitar over to his friend singer/song writer extraordinaire and front man for the band "Dark Horse", Paul Laine. Paul had just finished the acoustic tracks for their new album "Let it Ride" using vintage Martin's and Gibson's but liked the guitar so much he re-recorded all the tracks using this guitar (check out the new album at and has had it for the last year. Now at last it has come home for me to sell. My client is asking $5,900 CDN for it which is a steal considering the new replacement value would be over 10K. This guitar is available through the fine people at Arbutus Music in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Contact them at 250 933-1900.

Combining Flame Maple back and sides and a Red Cedar top (Ebony and Byrds Eye Yellow Cedar sound hole inlay) and strung with low G strings have given this pretty Tenor Uke a warm and full, guitar like sound.

Chocolate Mango back and sides, Red Cedar top, Snakewood Binding and Indian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge combine to make a beautiful instrument that sound amazing!

With English Walnut back and sides, Engelmann Spruce top and Flamed Bolivian Purple Heart binding, this classy Tenor Uke has a bright, crisp, punchy tone.

Indian Rosewood back and sides, Engelmann Spruce top, Claro Walnut sound hole inlay and Amazon Rosewood binding, finger board and bridge.

The English Walnut back and sides with a Red Cedar top, Purple Heart binding, Bridge and Finger Board, Ebony/Flame Maple headstock and sound hole inlay combine to make a wonderful, warm, Tenor Ukulele with big time eye appeal.

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